About Us

Company information

Imexco Trading is an organization that acts as a consultant and seller of new and used machines.

The team behind Imexco has more than 25 years of experience with these heavy-duty machinery in the fields of soil compaction and drainage. The gathered knowledge results in that we’re ably to sell you a optimally tuned machine.

At Imexco we guarantee you that all the machines have been thoroughly inspected by us and are provided with the service that the machines require. We supply machines that you can trust to use for manny more years to come.

Imexco works on a solid trust relationship and sets the goal that you’ll return to us for your next earth, road or hydraulic engineering machine.

Our knowledge of the GWWmachinery market ensures that we can answer many questions appropriately.


Within the group that Imexco belongs to, we also have our own transport department that can transport machines of all sizes worldwide. We deliver the machines to your door. For us it does’t matter if this door is on the other side of the world or just two blocks away.

Low-loader transport through Europe

Semi low-loader transport through Europe


Imexco has a fully equipped workshop with a large outdoor area and washing area with liquid-tight floor.

Machines up to 100 tons, 20 meters long, 6 meters wide and 6 meters high can be found in the workshop. We have an enthusiastic team of professionals and specialists around us that enable us to make every machine quickly and proficient ready for use again.